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political ideology

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Q: Is a coherent set of values and beliefs about public policy?
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The coherent set of values and beliefs about the purpose and scope of government is called?

Political ideology

The set of values and beliefs about a nation and its government that most citizens share is called?

public opinion

What are similarities between core beliefs or values and secondary beliefs or values?

core beliefs values are passed on from parents to children and are reinforced by schools etcsecondary beliefs and values are hoping to change eg should get married early

What deos the essay reveal about the author?

The essay reveals the author's perspective, beliefs, values, and experiences on the topic discussed. It also showcases the author's writing style, critical thinking skills, and ability to form coherent arguments.

Values are core beliefs upon which organisation is founded?

values are the core beliefs upon which the organisation is founded

What describes values?


What are German peoples values?

What are some beliefs/values in Germany?

Does law establish values and beliefs?

No. Values and beliefs come from your parents or other environmental forces. The law just establishes the lines your beliefs cannot cross.

Are religious beliefs the same as religious values?

Not exactly. Beliefs are something that you personally believe. Values are ideas, customs, or institutions.

What best describe values?


How do myths reflect cultural values?

Myths reflect __________ values and beliefs

What is the definition of business values and beliefs?

Business values and beliefs refer to the core principles and ethics that guide an organization's decisions and actions. They shape the company's culture, establish its identity, and influence its relationships with stakeholders. These values and beliefs are often reflected in the company's mission statement and code of conduct.