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Q: Is a moose a consumer or a producer?
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A relationship between a producer and consumer is best illustrated by a?

Animals: Grass (producer) and a Cow (consumer) Economy: Factory (producer) and Buyer (consumer)

Match the role with the actions taken by players in that role.?

consumer- Purchasing goods and services producers-Providing goods and services worker-Making goods and services

How did the Bull Moose Party get its name?

When a reporter asked Roosevelt how he felt, he replied, "I feel as strong as a bull moose!"

What is horticulture about?

Horticultural products include all products, raw or processed, that arise from the horticultural industry. This broadly inclusive definition is appropriate and even necessary in a time when traceability from the producer to the ultimate consumer is of growing interest to government and industry.

How does deregulation help consumers?

You should understand that regulation or deregulation has many different consequences, both good and bad. Regulations are usually put in place to protect the consumer in some way, for example, to ensure that the food that people buy will be healthy for them to eat, rather than tainted or poisonous in some way. On the other hand, when a producer of a product has to comply with regulations, and has to prove compliance, that has costs to the producer, and when the producer has additional costs, those costs are passed on to the consumer in the form of a higher price for the product in question. So the consumer may be getting a safer or better product as a result of regulations, but the consumer will also be paying more for that product. Added to those complex issue is the fact that not all regulations are well designed. Lawmakers may or may not know what they are doing. Some regulations have purely political motives, and are intended merely to create the impression of responsible government rather than actually being responsible. So really, any given regulation has to be considered on its merits. Regulation is not always a good thing, and deregulation is not always a good thing.