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Yes, The data collected in a survey is a primary source, and conclusions based on that data would be a secondary source.

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Q: Is a survey a primary source?
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Is a diary primary or secondary?

It is a primary source.

The A of the primary survey stands for airway?


Is a picture a primary or secondary source?

A picture can indeed be a primary source.

Is the Rosetta stone secondary or primary source?

it is a primary source

What is the purpose of primary survey in critical care?

By primary survey in critical care unit, the doctors try to ascertain first hand the primary reasons for the patient's ailment and resume treatment accordingly.

Could a photograph be considered a primary source Why or why not?

It is a primary source because it was taken at the time.

What is the difference a primary and secondary source?

Primary is a direct response and report (source, basically) coming from a real witness or writing that was made by a real witness of a situation. Secondary, is well...secondary. It is not totally accurate and coming from a witness. Secondary sources are made from primary sources. Secondary sources would be textbooks, while primary sources would be from real live witnesses, journals from witnesses, and archealogical findings and artifacts.Primary source is information that you have collected yourself, this can be in a form of survey, asking questions etc.Secondary source is information from an external source such as TV, internet, Books etc.

Is the Declaration of Independence a primary source or a secondary source?


What is the primary source of nitrogenous waste?

The primary source is Urea

Is a a coin a primary source?

yes,a coin is a primary source

Is the Mayflower Compact a primary or secondary source?

Primary Source

What type of source document is the Mayflower Compact secondary source- derived source- tertiary source- primary source?

Primary source