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yes because many constitution are hard to change

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Q: Is any country have rigid constitution?
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What is rigid and flexible constitution?

rigid constitution are those constitution that can not be changed why FLEXIBLE constitution are constitution that can be changed through a process of amendment

Is the current ethiopian constitution is flexible or rigid why?


What are the features of the constitution of Ghana?

they are: written constitution, unwritten constitution, flexible constitution and rigid constitution.

What is the need for a constitution to be rigid?

A constitution of any nation must be a rigid framework for government. Without it anyone with a hair brain idea can change it. The amendment process makes sure things can change, but they have to be discussed, analyzed, voted on, and finally added. This is why there are only 26 amendments in the constitution today. I can not imagine what the most recent Congress would add to the constitution without the rigid process.

Why is the Indian constitution rigid or flexible?


What is a constitution of Nepal?

constitution of any country (not only nepal) is the basic code and how the country is governed and what it stands for

Difference between the Bangladeshi and british constitution?

Bangladesh Constitution is rigid whereas the UK Constitution is flexible. Ad Rashed ali

What are the classifications of a constitution?

written and unwritten, codified and uncodified flexible and rigid

What type of constitution that Nigeria is operating?

Nigeria operates a written constitution nd its (constitution) its a rigid one becouse it can nt easily be amended

Why is constitution of India partly rigid and partly flexible?

Well, it's partly rigid because it's the longest modern constitution...and it's partly flexible because there have been 107 amendments since its promulgation.

Is the us constitution the longest or shortest written constitution of any major country?

Its the shortest of any major gouvernement with less than 5000 words.

What happens if there were no written constitution in India?

if there is no written constitution any one can rebel and bittery . any individual country can be formed. thereia no right to speech and freedom.