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Assurance Wireless is funded in part by Lifeline and Link Up programs. These are government funded programs meant to provide subsidized/free phone service to low income/households that participate in government assistance programs.

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Q: Is assurance wireless government funded
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How are government-supported cell phone services funded?

It is funded by tax payers' money. One of such example is SafeLInk Wireless. my tax money

Who is the actress on the assurance wireless commercials?

The 2012 English Assurance Wireless Commercial Actress is: Squeaky Moore.The 2012 Spanish Assurance Wireless Commercial Actress is: Paola Cancellieri.

How do you switch your assurance wireless phone to a smart phone?

how do i switch assurance wireless phone to virgin mobile phone

Is Assurance wireless from Virgin a decent service?

Assurance Wireless provides free cell phones and cell phone service to millions of Americans. Most Assurance Wireless customers are very pleased with the service.

How do you apply assurance wireless?

You can get an Assurance Wireless application directly from the Assurance Wireless website. Simply type in your zip code to get started. If you Assurance Wireless offers service in your area, you will be taken directly to a page where you can download the application.

How the government is funded?

The federal government is funded by tax payers.

How do you get free text on a assurance wireless phone?

can your plan

Is the assurance wireless application a good application?

The Assurance Wireless program is a great plan for those who meet the requirements. To apply, go to and provide proof of your income.

Assurance wireless approval letter NOT sent but I have already received phone?

Can assurance and request another letter.

Are Mexico's police funded by the government?

Yes. The police is funded by the government.

What are the pricing plans for Assurance Wireless?

The pricing plans for Assurance Wireless range from $5.00 to $30.00 each month , depending on if you want to purchase extra minutes or texts for your phone.

How do you activate your assurance wireless phone without approval letter?

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