Is being a spy dangerous

Updated: 8/19/2023
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It means someone wants to kill you in a snap or will kill you. So to be an FBI agent is very dangerous.

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Q: Is being a spy dangerous
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Who was worlds most dangerous spy?

Director D

Why can't you trust director d on spy island?

He is secretly a member of the B.A.D. (Bald and Dangerous) spy group.

What does B.A.D stand for in poptropica spy island?

Bald And Dangerous! RAWR!

How did alex ryder feel about becoming a spy in the book stormbreaker?

Alex was very uncomfortable to become a spy, since he knew that it would involve lots of dangerous tasks and once were in that world you could never go back. Also being a spy could be the death of you and others, like Ian Rider(uncle), John Rider(father) and his wife(mother)

What are the qualifications for being a detective?

u need a spy phone your own car and spy cloths

What did Nathan hale get famous for?

being a spy

What are some good tips for being a spy?

1.being silent

Is being a physicist dangerous?

i think being a physicist is dangerous :) :) :D

Who was hung as a spy during the New York campaign of 1776?

Nathen Hale was hung for suspicions of being a spy

Is being a marine biologist a dangerous job?

is being a marine biologist a dangerous job

How did Team Fortress 2 get so popular?

It must be the class thing, being so overly shown in the game. I personally think it is the Spy and the Engineer. The Spy changed the game by a lot. Valve was the first and only company to balance the deception of being a Spy.

How can you be a good spy?

By being a good leader and study the programs