Is byakuya really a traitor

Updated: 4/28/2022
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nope its just a fake he did it so no body will get hurt

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Q: Is byakuya really a traitor
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Is ayame byakuya's mother?

Byakuya's mother's name is never mentioned in the anime nor in the manga, Byakuya's father, though, is Soujun Kuchiki.

What color are byakuya's eyes?

Purple. They are gorgeous! I love Byakuya-kun! - Sukineko

When will byakuya go to the real world?

Harutora: What episode are you on? I am on 130 and Byakuya went to the world of the living in like, episode 21 or so. He went to get Rukia and plan her exicution date.

Do you like Byakuya?

Yes i like byakuya he has a very cool zanpaktou and is very skilled

Does yoruichi like byakuya?

Its not really known since Byakuya had never seen Yoruichi in a while ever since he was a kid. I bet if they meet they would be like Yoruichi- Hey long time no see *steals headpiece* Byakuya-You demon cat again!*chases after*

Is yorouichi more powerful than byakuya?

yes. yourichi once beat him at tag when byakuya was training.

What are the release dates for Bleach - 2004 Pride of the Kuchiki Family Byakuya vs- Byakuya 15-11?

Bleach - 2004 Pride of the Kuchiki Family Byakuya vs- Byakuya 15-11 was released on: Japan: 21 June 2011 USA: 11 January 2014

When is Byakuya's birthday?

January 31

Who is Byakuya's father?

Soujun Kuchiki

Who would win in a fight sesshomaru or byakuya?

sesshomaru will win. this is because he has bakusaiga. if byakuya uses senbonzakura kageyoshi against bakusaiga. then bakusaiga will annihilate senbonzakura. if it was speed then it's hard to say. because sesshomaru is just as fast byakuya.

What is the name of Rukia's brother in Bleach?

Byakuya Kuchiki, one of the captains of the 13 Court Guard Squads. He is technically Rukia's brother-in-law, since Rukia was the little sister of Byakuya's now-deceased wife.

Who does the voice of byakuya in Japanese?

Okiayu Ryotarou