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Q: Is china commercial or subsistence farming?
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In France is it subsistence farming or commercial farming?

A bit of both but generally commercial, subsistence farming is more common in LEDCs now a days and MEDCs usually have commercial farming.

Is Brazil farm commercial or subsistence?

Brazil has a majority of Subsistence farming (owned by a family or small amount of people), but that is not to say that it doesn't have Commercial Farms. When we judge whether a country is commercial or subsistence, we judge the majority of the farming. Brazil's farming is Subsistence.

Does Denmark have commercial or subsistence farming?

Both.Denmark has both subsitence and commercial farming.

Is Jamaican farming commercial or subsistence?

Mostly commercial.

Is there more commercial farming or subsistence farming in Indonesia?

The majority of Indonesians are actually employed in subsistence farming. There is very little commercial farming in the area, although it is quite fertile.

Does Grand Bahama has subsistence farming?

yes it does and commercial farming

How is commercial and subsistence farming done?

commercial farming is done on a large scale of land with big tool as in tractors and subsistence is done by feed in your family

Name the types of farming done in the Bahamas?

Commercial and Subsistence Farming

How does subsistence farming differ from commercial farming?

In Subsistence Farming the farmer grows crops for his and his families benefits with little surplus for marketing. Whereas in Commercial Farming the farmer grows and sells his crops at the market for profit.

What type of farming is done in abaco?

Commercial and Subsistence

How is commercial farming different from subsistence farming?

in commmrcial type of farming main aim is to produce the crop for the sell. In subsistence a form of primitive agriculture

What are two main types off farming in the bahamas?

Commercial and Subsistence farming