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Q: Is claude Dallas still alive
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Is claude picasso still alive?

Yes. He lives in Paris.

Is Claude Levi-Strauss really still alive?

From what I know He's alive but that's my opinion.

Is claude choules still alive?

Yes he is currently 109 years old

Is William Gillock still alive?

He died in 1993 in Dallas.

Is Claude Stanley Choules still alive?

Yes he is currently 109 years old

Is Dorothy still alive?

Very much alive and beautiful as ever. She is retired and living in Dallas, Texas

Is Claude-Anne Lopez still alive?

No. She died on December 28, 2012 in New Haven, CT.

Who is Dallas austin's father?

Dallas Austin's father's name was Claude Austin

What are the ratings and certificates for Manhunt for Claude Dallas - 1986 TV?

Manhunt for Claude Dallas - 1986 TV is rated/received certificates of: Iceland:12

Is claude wathey alive?


Is Henry galler still alive?

No, he passed away in Dallas Texas on October 14, 2012.

Is Matt dillon still alive the actor who played dallas winston in the outsiders?

I believe so