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Q: Is congress prohibited by the constitution from borrowing money?
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Congress is prohibited by the Constitution from borrowing money. true or false?

The Constitution of the United States lays the ground rules for much of the federal government. One of those rules is congress can borrow money. The question is false.

The power that the contitution gives congres for foreign affairs?

Borrowing money and to coin money are the power given to congress for foreign affairs by the constitution.

Is borrowing money one of the powers of congress?


Borrowing allows congress to?

The framers of the Constitution allows for the government to borrow money in order to finance public projects. An example of this would be the money borrowed for the Louisiana purchase.

Which branch of government is in charge borrowing and spending money in the US?


Does the Constitution forbid the individual states to coin money?

Yes, according to Article I, Section 10 of the United States Constitution, states are explicitly prohibited from coining money. This power is reserved solely for the federal government.

Things Congress is prohibited from doing?

They are prohibited from coining their own money, and from making treaties with foreign powers.

The constitution gives the power to print money to?

Article I Section 8 of the United Constitution grants power to Congress to "coin money" and "regulate its value." In effect, The Department of the Treasury prints money under the authority of Congress.

The constitution gives power to print money to?

The constitution gives the power to print money to Congress.

How does congress go about regulating the value of money?

(a VERY simplified answer) By regulating the supply of money in circulation and the interest rates for borrowing from the US Treasury.

Hola Are the written powers specifically given to Congress by the Constitution such as the power to declare war called enumerated powers?

Yes. The powers written specifically for what Congress can and cannot do are called Enumerated Powers. These include declaring war, coining and borrowing money, collect taxes, and pay debts.

What are the advantages of borrowing money?

what are the advantages of borrowing money