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Some schools and educational systems come under the provisions of a national government. In some countries there are state schools and private schools.

Child education is primarily the responsibility of the parents. Parents want to pass on their heritage and what they know to their offspring. Much education is done at home. From birth onwards the child is learning from its parents and its environment. Playing with children is part of their learning and education.

In places where the community assists parents by providing 'group educational services' parents are often keen to take advantage of this because, in this way, children will learn more about the wider world and social behaviour from being with others for some time in the day/week.

Often community-provided education comes under government supervision and guidance. This ensures that good standards are maintained, and that suitable subjects are taught by suitably capable and competent teachers.

In some countries the provision of education is devolved to regional, district or local educational authorities by the national government.

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Q: Is education run by a national government?
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