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food is an individual good

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Q: Is food a public good or merit good?
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Why is the opinion of the public about a popular movie or television program not a good example of public opinion?

why is the opinion of the public about a popular movie or television program not a good example of public opinion?

Pros and cons of mixed economy?

The major merit of a mixed economy is that the public is protected because the government is in charge of public services, and prices are low because of competition in the private sector. A major demerit is that taxes may prohibitively high in order to support government programs.

What is the primary responsibility of the merit systems protection board?

The primary responsibility of the Merit Systems Protection Board is to serve as the guardian of Federal merit systems. They also are to protect federal workers from agency management abuse.

The Pendleton Act required appointees to public office to?

The Pendleton Act required appointees to public office to take civil service exams. It was intended to promote appointment based on merit rather than connections or political ties. It was passed under President Arthur following the assassination of President Garfield by Charles Guiteau, a man who believed he had been cheated of a public office position.

How did Fiorella la Guardia behave differently from the other political ffigures in the 1920's?

He unified the transit system, directed the building of low-cost public housing, public playgrounds, and parks, constructed airports, reorganized the police force, defeated the powerful Tammany Hall political machine, and reestablished merit employment in place of patronage jobs.

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Match each type of good with the sample good it represents (apex)?

Merit good : education Public good : national security Individual good : food

What is the difference between public goods and merit goods?

Merit goods provide benefits to society as a whole.Public goods also provide benefits to society as a whole. But a public good can serve a small number of people or a large number of people at exactly the same cost.Education would be a merit good - it benefits everyone.A lighthouse would be a public good - it benefits everyone, but costs the same to supply to one person as it does to supply to thousands of people. One person's consumption of a public good does not diminish the supply for someone else.

Similarities of public goods and merit goods?

The strict definition of a Public Good is that it can be consumed jointly by many individuals at once without diminishing the quantity or quality of the available good or service, therefore, the concept of rival consumption does not apply. The concept of exclusion also does not apply to Public Goods as no-one can be denied the benefit of a public good for reasons of non payment - the Free Rider concept. Examples of Public Goods - clean air, protection from foreign invasion by a defense force etc. Merit Goods are those which the government or society has deemed beneficial or desirable...the benefits of merit goods are usually greater than they seem to the free market or individual. If the free market was left to provide these goods or services, it would probably undervalue them and not commit enough resources to their production. There are "externalities/spill over" benefits to Merit Goods that the individual or Price Market might overlook or undervalue. Merit Good examples - museums, social programs, music education in schools etc. Intervention by society to help drug addicts - anti smoking goods or services, Public Goods can be also be Merit Goods, but not all Merit Goods are Public Goods

Which is a public good?

A public good would be a food bank or city garden. Fixing roads, and providing bike routes can be a public good.

What merit good does the US government pay for?

One merit good that the US government pays for is education. The government provides funding for public schools and subsidies for higher education to ensure that citizens have access to quality education and improving human capital. Additionally, the government may provide financial assistance for healthcare, as it is considered a merit good to ensure the well-being and productivity of individuals.

What are the merits and demerits of public and private administration?

merit and demerit public and private administration

On what merit can a company keep you?

Good Merit I would suppose.

Explain the term merit goods?

A merit good or service is that in which the government, state or society deems good for people.~MB

Efficiency of price mechanism in allocating resources?

Why the price mechanism is not always efficient at delivering public goods, merit goods and de-merit goods

How do you use word merit in a sentence?

Sabrina was good so her mom thinks she should be merit.

What merit good does the government provide through a payroll tax?

Health Care is a merit good that the US government provided through a payroll tax.

What merit good does the U.S government provide through a payroll?

Health Care is a merit good that the US government provided through a payroll tax.