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The Vice-President does not preside at an impeachment of a President. The Constitution requires that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court preside over an impeachment trial.

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Q: Is it fair for the vice-president to preside over the senate at the impeacment of a president when he is next in line for that office?
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Who was the first vicepresident to become president when the previous office holder dide?

John Tyler.

Who has the power to preside over the impeachment of the president of the US?

Not the uneducated ones that voted him in office, that's for sure!

What man became preside t when Abraham Lincoln died in office?

Vice-President Andrew Johnson

When Pres is thrown out of office and the VP goes in Who then becomes VP?

There is no Vice-president in that case. That office remains vacant and the duties of the Vice-president to preside over the Senate is then handled by the President pro tempore of the Senate.

When the vice president is not present to preside a senator is chosen as president?

Not necessarily, if the vice president is not able to preside because he/she resigned, died, or otherwise left office, and there is no president, the Speaker of the House becomes president, and there is a long list after that should a major catastrophic event (nuclear war, etc.) occur killing top political leaders.

Under what circumstances would the vice president not preside over an impeachment trial?

The VP does not preside because in the presidential line of succession if the President was removed, the VP would fill the role as president, meaning that the VP has enough motive to see the President removed from office.

What are the responsibilities of the president and the vice president?

The Vice President has to be familiar with Presidential duties because he has to be ready to take over this office n case something happens tp the President. Another of his function's is to preside over the Senate.

What is the definition of preside?

the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government

Why does the Chief Justice not the president of senate preside over the impeachment trial of a president?

Such is what the rules of the Senate say. The president of the Senate is the vice-president who would take the president's office if he were convicted. He would have a conflict of interest, to be sure. Also, it is good to have an experienced judge rule over such an important trial.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Vice President?

The vice president over sees the Senate and votes in case of an exact 50-50 tie in the senate. The position is called the president of the senate. Also, should the president die, or for any reason leave office, the vice president becomes president.

Who was the 3rd president of Mexico?

Jose Maria Bocanegra (1787 - 1862) was the third president of Mexico. His term in office lasted only one week, from December 17, 1829 until December 23, 1829, appointed as interim by Congress while the actual president, Vicente Guerrero, was fighting an insurrection led by his vicepresident, Anastacio Bustamante.

What is the vice presidents office duty?

Leading the Senate