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its an invasion of privacy

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Q: Is it illegal to log into someone else's my space account with out their permission?
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What is a breadwinner?

A breadwinner is the person who provides money or is the source of someone elses survival.

Is graffiti wrong?

Graffiti is bad because it ruins others property and it is vandalism. If you were to get caught doing graffiti you could go to jail or you would have to do community service! Graffiti could ruin YOUR LIFE if someone caught you doing it! If you wanna do graffiti do it on your own property!!! Then you can't get into trouble because it's YOUR HOUSE or YOUR PROPERTY!! Anyway what I'm trying to say is that graffiti can really mess up your life! Don't do it, or do it somewhere else other than on someone elses property!

What is the freedom of press and petition?

In 1735, a journalist from the New York colony, John Peter Zenger, was put in prison and nearly sentenced to death just for writing some criticism of the Royal Governor in the newspaper. When the Bill of Rights was written years later, many Americans wanted to be sure that no journalist would be punished for reporting the news in a way the president or powerful people did not like. In the old days, "the press" was what we today call "the media," so freedom of the press (named after the machine that printed the newspapers-- the printing press) meant you are free to express your beliefs and opinions in a newspaper or magazine (or today, on TV or radio or the internet). The part of the Bill of Rights about petitioning the government for a redress of grievances just means you have the right to disagree with the government and to let them know. You can complain about what the government is doing-- you can protest, march, demonstrate, vote for somebody else ... and you cannot be punished for expressing your anti-government views, as long as you do so peacefully.

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Can you enter someone elses Bebo account when you have their password?

if you have guessed someone's bebo account password is it illegal to enter that account

Is it illegal to paint trees in a forest England?

Your own trees, on your property, no. Someone elses trees, without getting permission - yes.

What is bad about stealing?

Stealing is illegal because you are taking something that is someone elses, they worked hard for it and someone is just taking it when they didnt work for it. if you have permission to have it then it is not stealing however.

Is it okay to rip up someone elses' campaign poster?

No,it is rude and illegal to rip someone elses' campaign poster.

Can you hack someone elses bebo?

It is illegal to hack anouther person's Bebo unless given permission from the rightful owner of the profile. All hackers will be reported, blocked, and fined.

Can I have someone elses mail forwarded to my home without their permission?

I would say no, I'm pretty sure that you have to have their permission.

Is it illegal to read someone's email you know the password to?

Is it illeagal to change someone elses password?

Can you deposit a cheque in your name into someone elses account?

If you endorse it as payable to them it will usually be accepted for deposit into someone else's account.

How do you transfer money from someone elses credit card?

You don't, because that would be illegal.

Is it illegal to request someone elses credit report?

No. This is done all the time by creditors.

What happens when you have permission to drive someone elses car and have an accident and you only have a learners permit?

then your both screwed

Is it illegal to use someone elses social?

Yes, it is illegal to use someone else's social security number without their permission. This is considered identity theft, which is a serious criminal offense. It can result in legal consequences such as fines and imprisonment.