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While there's no guarantee that a country would vote you as their leader for the right amount of money, this question can still be answered with economics. When buying a business, a common formula is to take annual gross sales and add 10%. Therefore, if you were selling a hardware store that grossed 500,000 dollars annually, you would sell it for $550,000.

If we transferred that formula to a country, for example, Iceland, we would take the annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Iceland and add 10%.

Iceland's annual GDP is currently around 19 billion dollars (14 billion euros). So 19 billion + 10% = 20.9 billion dollars.

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It is theoretically possobal to buy a country. The Romonovs are attempting to rebuild there empire and tried buying land in Africa. It theoretically is possable to buy a small amount of a nations land and get recognised as a nation. it would cost a large sum of money. one would need a sizable amount of land to get anough people to live there, like maybe 300sq miles/777 squ KM. that in acres is 192,000 and in cost that might be around $5,000 to permanintly own it so that is $960million. also one would have to find a nation in need of money who would be willing to make a micro nation. the size of Andora is 181 sq miles so 300 sq miles is a large micro nation. Also the only nations willing to sell any land would be poor and in bad shape so one would have to hire private security for maybe $50million a year, a massive construction business to build the area up and make some infostructure for maybe $250million a year, import resources needed for contruction and bare neccesities sutch as food and water maybe in the worse cases for desert land for maybe $20million, and hire an add agency to make there nation look good and to make people want to come to it and to convince other nations that this is a real nation for maybe $25million a year. If things go bad then the nation fails but If things go good after 3years the country should have infostructure and be able to make a profit from the new immigrants so it would indeed be a sustainable nation. After 3 years though one would need a $billion to buy it and another $billion to build it up, so if one has around $2billion then they could purchase a area the size of a city that is probable desert or swamp and then build it into a sustainable nation, unless it is overun by torbulent neighbors or unless the international community refuses to recognise it and the nation that sold it just gets a free city out of the deal. there was an old case of a man, James Harden-Hickey, who claimed an unclaimed island, the island of trinidad and he declared himslef its king, but soon afterwards both England and Brazil wanted it. so most likely if someone bought a small nation it would end in them being taken over by larger nations. Unless someone was a trillionaire and they could buy a large amount of land and build it all up then they could own it and theyed easily get recognised as a nation, so theoretically it is possable to buy a nation but the time and risk and eminse cost that are required make it nearly impossable.

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Q: Is it possible to buy a country?
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