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In an ideal world, all judges and Justices would be completely impartial and would decide cases solely on the basis of equitable laws (this would require the Executive and Legislative branches to refrain from applying personal political opinion to legislation, as well).

Unfortunately, human beings don't operate that way. People are incapable of exercising pure reason without applying some degree of personal ideology and values to their thinking, even if unconsciously. A person's ideology and values inevitably inform his or her analysis and interpretation of concepts. Further, most people believe their political ideology represents the way things should be, and don't consider logic stemming from these beliefs to be distorted or unjust.

This natural human tendency results in the Court leaning toward "conservative" opinions when it's dominated by Justices with conservative principles, or toward "liberal" opinions when dominated by Justices with liberal principles. Humans (including Supreme Court Justices) are more likely to vote in accordance with their personal ideology than against it.

Having said this, a Justice should be self-aware and guard against allowing him- or herself to be unduly influenced by personal preferences or any political party's agenda. One of the benefits of the United States' government's policy of judicial appointment and lifelong tenure is elimination of the temptation to please a particular political constituency. This enhances independent thought processes.

Also, bear in mind that no single Justice determines the outcome of a ruling. Cases are discussed among the Justices in conference, and opinions must withstand the scrutiny of peers, as well as the test of law.

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Q: Is it proper for a Supreme Court Justice to allow his or her personal political opinion to influence the ruling of the court?
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Who strengthened the influence of the Supreme Court?

Fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall, who served from 1801 - 1835.

Who strengthens the influence of the Supreme Court?

Fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall, who served from 1801 - 1835.

Is Supreme Court justice angel a Cortinas democrat?

what political party does Angel A Cortinas belong to

Was Abe Fortas a Chief Justice in the US Supreme Court?

He was not a Chief Justice, he was an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. President Nixon nominated Fortas to succeed Earl Warren as Chief Justice, but there was so much political resistance in the Senate, his nomination had to be withdrawn.

Who is appointed by the US Supreme Court?

No one. Supreme Court justice don't make political appointments; that authority falls to the President, with the approval of the Senate.

What must a supreme court justice do in order to stay on the bench?

A Supreme Court justice must remain above reproach in his or her personal life. Justices can be impeached if they are guilty of moral turpitude or crimes of law.

What do you think of Supreme Court Justices having political party affiliations?

Supreme Court Justices do not necessarily have parties because they do not run for a political seat. The criteria for a supreme court justice has to be someone who is familiar with the law such as a former lawyer. If Supreme Court justices ran on a political platform that could complicate the position they hold because many political parties have money or a platform they run on.

What political party nominated justice Stephen Breyer?

Bill Clinton, a Democratic President, nominated Justice Breyer in 1994. US Supreme Court justices are nominated by Presidents, not by political parties (although the President belongs to a political party).

Who was the Chief of Justice of the supreme Court that disagreed with Jefferson about many political issues?

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who disagreed with Jefferson on many political issues was John Marshall. Marshall was appointed by President John Adams and served as Chief Justice from 1801 to 1835. He is known for significantly strengthening the powers of the federal government and establishing the principle of judicial review.

What military political influence office did Adolf Hitler have?

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Who dominates the Supreme Court justice?

There is no single justice who dominates the Supreme Court. The Court operates as a collegial body, with each justice having an equal vote in deciding cases. While individual justices may have more influence based on their legal expertise or persuasive arguments, decisions are ultimately made collectively.

Which justice of the US Supreme Court shaped the Supreme Court's role in the nation during the federal judiciary's formative years?

Chief Justice John Marshall, who presided over the US Supreme Court from 1801-1835, had the greatest influence over the Judicial Branch's role in government.