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this is false, because we had plantations, but we didnt have factories.

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Q: Is it true or false that after the American Revolution Georgia transformed its economy to an industrial base?
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What impact did the American Revolution have on Georgia?

The American Revolution impacted Georgia culture. Revolutionary war veterans were granted land in Georgia. The Indians were controlled more and the colonists expanded.

Was Savannah Georgia burned during the Civil War?

No, Savannah Georgia was burned during the American Revolution.

What was Georgia's main cash crop following the American Revolution?

Indigo or cotton.

What was Georgia's border after the American Revolution?

its borders were from the Atlantic ocean to the Mississippi river

Where did the first colonial victory in Georgia during the American during the American revolution?

The Battle of Kettle Creek (1779)

What were Georgia's two main cash crops following the American Revolution?

Cotton and Tobacco

Who was Elijah Clarke?

Elijah Clark served in the Georgia Militia during the American Revolution.

When was Georgia Revolution created?

Georgia Revolution was created in 2010.

What is the closest shipping port from Douglas Georgia?

Savannah is the closest shipping port from Douglas, Georgia. Savannah is the oldest city in the state of Georgia, and was an important port city in the American Revolution and during the American Civil War.

What city in Georgia quickly fell without opposition to the British during the American revolution?


Where did the first colonial victory in Georgia during the American revolution of 1763?

The Battle of Kettle Creek (1779)

Where could Britain no longer send convicts after losing the American Revolution?

GEORGIA (US STATE) was the prior destination where British convicts would be sent. After the American Revolution this was no longer viable because Georgia was part of the newly sovereign United States. This resulted in Britain sending their convicts to Australia.