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The Pilgrims came to America, to freely practice the religious freedom of Hunting Witches. The last hanging of witches, in the name of god; happened at Salem Pond. Mass. US of A! Witch hunting, is still practiced: McCarthy di it through the government for communist; The government did it in World War II, to Japanese American citizens, born and raised in America; Americans are doing it again today; to any, whom have the least appearance of being a Terrorist! Police profiling; is a form of witch Hunting. It's a genetic flaw in Judaic Christianity. Many, many innocents have suffered and died, at the hands of witch hunters; A Sad Fact. of all superstitious faiths! It remains as one of the religious Principles, The US Of A was founded upon, that the Pilgrims brought with them from Europe! Why? Because Queen Elizabeth 1st, daughter of Ann Boleyn, and the reason Ann was brave enough to thwart the whims of Henry. Ann Was beheaded for only one reason; she would not give Horny a divorce, Why? If Ann had allowed Henry VIII, to divorce her, Elizabeth, in the eyes of the church, would have become a bastard, and lost any claim to the throne of England. Ann knew this, and thus refused the divorce; she could have saved her neck. As Queen of England, Elizabeth I, made a royal proclamation that; The Roman Catholic Religious practice of witch hunting; was banned.

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Q: Is it true the Pilgrims left England because they did not like paying high taxes?
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Why were the colonists so against paying taxes to England?

because England kept raising taxes and putting taxes on new things and the colonists moved away from England to get away from high taxes

Why did the American colonists object to the taxes on British goods?

They objected to them because while they were paying taxes to the British Crown, the Pilgrims had no say in how the British Crown ruled them. It's a principal named "Taxation Without Representation".

What was the law for not paying taxes in England?

Failure to pay taxes in England is considered tax evasion, which is a criminal offense punishable by fines or imprisonment. The severity of the punishment depends on the amount of tax evaded and the circumstances of the case.

How did the thirteen colonies help England get wealthy?

The french helped us out because we were going to war against England and France HATED England.

In Thomas Paines Common Sense he wrote that it was common sense for the colonies to fight for independence because?

Because the colonies were under the thumb of England, paying them exorbitant taxes, and independence was the best choice for them.

Did the pilgrims pay taxes?


Which is a duty of American citizen?

paying taxes

Do Owed taxes have an effect on unemployment check?

yes, because everyone needs to be responsible on paying their taxes.

Why is paying taxes is a requirement?

Because the compulsion to do so is enshrined in law.

Is paying taxes a duty or a responsibility?

is paying taxes a duty or a responseibility

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How did America become a country?

The Pilgrims that settle here from England, didn't want to pay taxes back to the queen of England. So they declared Independence, which started the American Revolutionary War. We Win. :) :) :) :)