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there can be no connection. it would depend on secure from what freedom from what,

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Q: Is liberty or security more important?
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What did john c calhoun mean when he said the union next your liberty the most dear?

He meant that, although the Union was important, liberty was more important.

What rights would you give up for security?

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security." - Benjamin Franklin

Is peace or security more important?

security because if we have security then they can stop the bad people so that we can have peace

What does secure the liberty mean?

liberty means rights to make your own choices Liberty and Security of Liberty are two different subjects. Liberty in of itself is one's act of doing (doing anything) at their own free will. Security of Liberty is somewhat different in that it's the act of doing anything such that no one is violated. It is presumed this is not possible due to the vague nature of what constitutes a violation. Also, it has been determined that in order to protect liberty some liberty must be given up, which in of itself is a violation. However, it is a necessary violation in order to have security of liberty. So the definition would then be that Security of Liberty is the act of doing anything such that no one is violated in order to protect liberty more so than anyone else. This also means that if someone in our society takes the liberty to violate anyone in such a way that it does not further the protection of liberty (a criminal act) or does further the protection of liberty, but is more so than others are being violated (discrimination) then that person must have equal force used against them as punishment and also be rehabilitated and returned to society.

Why is health and safety important to the security officer?

Health and safety is no more important to a security officer than to any other employee.

Can you touch the Liberty Bell?

sometimes you can touch the liberty bell if a security gard is around/

Who is responsible for the statues of liberty's protection?

the security guards

What is the most important safeguard of personal liberty?

The most important safeguard of personal liberty are all of the pieces of the United States Constitution. From the Bill of Rights to the amendments that allow for more people to enjoy basic rights.

Why security is important in the hotel?

There are many reasons why safety and security in a hotel restaurant are important. These features make a restaurant more family friendly and will increase business.

What are the three that all Americans have?

The Rights of: Security, Equality, and Liberty. :)

Why is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms historically important?

Because it gave Canadians more free will and liberty to do what they want.

Why is cctv camera important to the community?

It gives more security and it can review what the past days