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No, Newton's Cradle is not an example of a perpetual motion machine. A perpetual motion machine hypothetically runs forever via some external, infinite power source (or, alternatively, it simply requires no additional momentum to continue). However, a Newton's Cradle does not continue forever: its energy slowly falls over time, making it non-perpetual.

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Q: Is newtons cradle an example of perpetual montion machine?
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What is Newtons second law of montion?

F=M*A (F=force m=mass A=acceleration) force equals mass times acceleration

What is the efficiency of the machine?

a machine applies a force of 100 newtons over a distance of 10 meters to raise a500 newtons drum 1.5 meters. what is efficiency of the machine ?

What was Isaac newton's concept of the world machine?

Newtons concept of the world machine was that the universe is like a perfect machine created by god wich works by the laws of physics.

What is the mechanical advantage of a simple machine that requires a force of 40 newons input to a 200 newton object?

The mechanical advantage of a simple machine in this scenario would be 5. This is calculated by dividing the output force (200 newtons) by the input force (40 newtons).

A glass sitting on a table will not move unless moved by a force This example demonstrates what?

newtons third law of motion

Is jumping on a trampoline an example of newtons third law of motion?


Is it possible to build a perpetual motion machine?

No, it is not possible to build a perpetual motion machine because it would violate the laws of thermodynamics, which state that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Perpetual motion machines would require continuous motion without any external energy input, which is not feasible in reality.

What would be and example for the newtons 3 laws of motion?

that movie leathal weapon

What is the formula in converting kilogram to newton?

Multiply kilograms by the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s^2). The formula is: F = M * A F = Force (AKA Newtons, in the following example) M = Mass A = Acceleration For example: 60 kilograms needs to be converted to Newtons. 60*9.8 = 588 Newtons

What are some example of things that weigh 1000 Newtons?

A medium-sized refrigerator or a grand piano typically weigh around 1000 Newtons. Wildlife, such as a large adult reindeer or a black bear, can also weigh close to 1000 Newtons.

A moving company uses a machine to raise a 900-newton refrigerator to the second floor of a building. The machine consists of a single pulley with a mechanical advantage of 1. How many newtons of inpu?

If the mechanical advantage of the pulley is 1, then the input force needed to lift the 900-newton refrigerator is also 900 newtons. This means that the moving company would need to apply a force of 900 newtons to raise the refrigerator to the second floor.

A machine with a machanical advantage of 2.5 requires an input force of 120 newtons what output force is produced by this machine?

If the machine were ideal ( 100% effiency) the output force would be 300 N In practice you might get 250 - 270.