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Parliment and the Prime Minister are much like Congress and the President. The President of the United States is the highest office there is in our country, however, Congress as a whole can overrule the President.

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Parliament is a level of government.

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Q: Is parliament a higher sort of level than government?
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Who can fire the government and parliament?

The people have the opportunity to vote leaders in and out of government. However, to get rid of a government overall would call for some sort of revolution or coup.

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Is The European Parliament a sort of collective EU presidency?

No. It is just like a parliament.

The United Kingdom is to the House of Commons as Germany is to the what?

The United Kingdom is to the House of Commons is as Germany is to the Bundestag. Both the House of Commons and the Bundestag are a sort of lower-tier level of parliament.

Are Vertical Separation of Powers concerned with the way that powers are divided within the same level of government?

Sort of. They are separating the control as well.

Who fought in the glorious revolution?

The glorious revolution was fought between the monarchy of England and its people. It was a bloodless revolution. During this time, England was trying to figure out what type of government would be best suitable for them. In the end, Parliament picked William of Orange and Mary to become king and queen of England. They had to sign a sort of a treaty allowing the Parliament to come to the monarchy every three years. The government that England had with William and Mary was constitutional monarchy which was power given to the government and the Parliament.

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The English Commonwealth was the loosely used term for the system of government after the regicide of Charles I. The rump parliament declared England a Commonwealth although by definition England was actually a Protectorate under the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.

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