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Q: Is removing a bumper sticker from someone else's vehicle legally an act of vandalism since property is being defaced and destroyed?
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Not a lot - it was her father Henry VIII who destroyed the monasteries when he fell out with Rome over his divorce of Catherine of Aragon and formed the Church Of England. Cromwell later defaced what was left, literally removing the faces of statues or removing them completely as he viewed their presence as like worshipping icons which he was against according to his interpretation of scripture.

Who do you report defacing government property to?

I guess if I had reason to report such a thing, I would inform the local police first, followed by the government agency whose property is being defaced.

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Vandals have defaced the pictograph again.

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In general people would not want their cars to be destroyed or damaged, or washed away in an enormous flood, or stolen, or set on fire, or vandalized with spray paint or defaced in any way.

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