Is tanned a color

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, tanned is a colour just like any other colour in the rainbow

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Q: Is tanned a color
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What skin color do most Cambodians have?

Most Cambodians are dark-tanned, while others are fairly tanned. They normally range from tanned to very tanned.

How do you get tanned skin color?

You can get a tan or maybe you just naturally are tanned. Try using bronzers tho.

What is john cena's skin color?


If you have hazel green eyes and tanned skin what color should you color your hair?

dark brown

What color dye does wiz khalifa use?

tanned bloned dye

What is Cristiano Ronaldo Skin color?

He is brownish in colour.

What color is swarthy?

Swarthy is a dark complexion or tanned skin color, typically described as dark brown. It is not a specific color, but rather a term used to describe dark or tan skin tones.

What is a sentence with the word tanned?

He looked well tanned.The tanned dog looked cute.He tanned the leather.

What color are argentinians?

well some are tanned or some are white! that's all i know try asking a real argentinian

What is a good sentence for tanned?

"The pelt rotted, because it was not tanned."

Do girls like tanned guys?

Yes but not over tanned

What is a place where leather is tanned called?

Leather is tanned in a Tannery.