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Yes, the constitution sets guidelines within which the government must operate.

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Q: Is the Constitution is the set of rules or guidelines that organizes the u.s government?
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What sets the guidelines and rules for what the US national government can do and not do?

The U.S. Constitution.

What is the constitutions meaning?

A constitution is a document which sets up the structure and scope of a federal government in a democratic society. It creates the rules and guidelines by which the government operates.

A plan that provides rules for its government?

The Constitution makes the rules for government.

A plan that provides the rules for government is called a?


What are the features of a constitutional government?

A constitutional government is a government whose rules and policies are limited by a constitution. A constitution is a written document that describes the rules and principles of a political entity.

What is the name of the legal document that sets out the rules of government in Australia?

The document that sets out the rules of government is the Australian Constitution.

What is written in the US Constitution?

The Constitution states the establishment of the government and the rules for that government. See the link below for the complete US constitution.

What is the name of the written plan that provides the rules for government?

A constitution is a set of written rules that sets down a plan on how to operate a government.

Document that states the rules and limits of government?

The constitution.

What is constitutoin means?

constitution is a set of rules for government

Main goal of the constitution was this?

To have rules set for the government

Are rules for countries and local government are spelled in the constitution?