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Absolutely. It was ratified by the states, exactly as the Constitution was, and is the defining point of beginning for a new nation. A founding document is a statement of intent, for a new nation.

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Q: Is the Declaration of Independence a legal document to govern the US?
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What is economic legal political and social impact of the Declaration of Independence?

economic - google refused to tell me social - no more slaves political- get independence , start revolutionary war

Was the Declaration of Independence signed on July 4 1776?

The first official form of the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 4, 1776. It was signed only by John Hancock and Charles Thomson as Secretary to the Congress then sent to a printer. The Declaration of Independence with all the 56 delegates' signatures was signed at later dates and perhaps in various places. It is not known for certain if that document was signed fully in Pennsylvania, because that signing did not take place until August 2, 1776 and not all delegates signed all at the same time.

The legal document that explains the legal reasoning behind a Supreme Court decision is called?

A majority opinion is the legal document that explains the legal reasoning behind a Supreme Court decision.

What does taking away your charters mean in the declaration of independence?

Charters were like a contract. A King could grant a charter to a group of people, or just one person, to establish a colony in the name of Great Britain. There were certain terms that made up the charter and it was a legal document. Charters were also given to Joint Stock Companies, like the Virginia Company, which also established colonies to make money. Some charters granted the colonists political rights in their colonies. The Declaration claimed that the King was taking the legal charters away from the colonists, thus making them subject to the Crown rule without any representation in the government of the colony.

What document preceded the constitution?

Before the United States Constitution, the Articles of Confederation were used to govern the United States. Their greatest weakness is that, under them, the Federal Government had no power. It could make laws and decisions, but it had no way to ensure that they were enforced.

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How was the Kenyan Independence Constitution 1963 a negotiated settlement?

a constitution is a legal document used to govern a country or a state

How did US ascertain a formal legal independence?

Declaration of Independence

Where does it speak of unalienable rights in the us constitution?

No part of the Constitution discusses unalienable rights; that concept comes from the Declaration of Independence, which claims all [people] are born with the "unalienable" right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence is not a legal document, however, and no government body is required to uphold its principles (except to the extend they're supported by the Constitution). The rights enumerated in the Constitution are not "unalienable," and are not absolute.

What is the Legal name for stealing the declaration of independence?


What right did the slaves gain after the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

None. Nor did anyone. The Declaration of Independence did not confer legal rights.

What documents are on display at the National Archives in Washington D.C?

US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, legal documents.

What are come political and legal ideas contained in the declaration of independence US constitution and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man?

Some of the political and legal ideas contained in the declaration of independence in the US constitution and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man are philosophical and political rights.

Did the Declaration of Independence say that everybody in the country is free?

You should specify which declaration of independence. This site is read by people all over the World. For example, the one from the United States says that "We believe... that all men are created equal, ...", so it does seem to imply that all men are free. However, unlike the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence has no legal status; although it is considered an important document.

What was the name of the first written frame of government in what is now the us?

The United States of America was brought into existence upon the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the first legal document to define the new country and the first to set out a legal framework for the country.

What kind of a statement is a statutory declaration?

A statutory declaration is a legal document that is defined under the law of certain Commonwealth nations, this declaration is similar to statements made under oath.

According to the declaration of independence where does government's power come from?

The people.

Where did the colonist justified in declaring independence from great Britain?

they broke away by be comming a legal document.