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It is a Federal constitutional presidential republic. So, yes the US is a republic.

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Q: Is the US a Republic country?
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Is the us a socialist country?

No, it is a Republic.

What country gave Texas to the US?

The Republic of Texas

What country other than US is a republic?


Why is the US considered to be a republic?

it is not conquored, captured or ruled by any other country, republic or continent

Is Dominican Republic territory of the us?

No, the Dominican Republic is a Sovereign Country, even though, they are economically dependents of the United States.

Is the US a democratic country?

No The United States Of America is a Republic.

The US fought Mexico over what country?

The former Republic of Texas.

Where are Republic of Palau coins minted?

Although an independent country, the Republic of Palau uses the US Dollar as its currency. Those coins are minted at the various US Mints. Palau also issues "Republic of Palau" thematic collector coins, also minted at US mints.

Who is the mother country of the Republic of Guinea?

The Republic of Guinea is an independent country. It has no mother country.

Which Caribbean country is a republic country?

Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic,

What are the 3 famous country in Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic is a country.

Why is Mexico called a republic instead of a country?

Mexico is a country AND a republic. Republic is just the form of government it has.