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Q: Is the atmosphere part of the territory of the state?
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Was Ohio a territory before it was a state?

The current State of Ohio is a portion of what was once called the Ohio Territory. Along with the State of Ohio, the Ohio Territory included a portion of what is now Indiana, part of Pennsylvania, and part of West Virginia.

Is a territory an area of a country that is neither a state or a part of a state?


What was the first state to be formed from the Louisiana Territory?

All of:ArkansasMissouriIowaNebraskaMost of:MontanaWyomingNorth DakotaOklahomaKansasLouisianaHalf of:ColoradoMinnesotaAnd a tiny part of:New MexicoTexas

What country is St. Thomas in?

St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, which is a U.S. territory. It is part of the United States, but not a state.

What state was Illinois once a part of?

Actually, The Northwest Territory.

Was Montana first a territory then a state?

The Territory of Montana existed from May 26, 1864 until November 8, 1889, when it was admitted to the Union as the State of Montana.

When it was a part of Mexico Texas was a district of what state?

It was a territory - that is, land under the sovereignty of the Federal government but not part of any state.

What did they call North Dakota before it was named?

Before North Dakota became a state, it was part of the Dakota Territory. Before that, North Dakota was part of the Minnesota Territory and the Nebraska Territory.

What part of today's United State's territory was acquired by purchase?


What was Arkansas before it became a state?

A territory, part of the Louisiana Purchase.

Was North Dakota a territorial before it was a state?

It was part of Dakota Territory.

What state was once part of a territory Indiana Ilinois and Michigan?