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The Senate.

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Q: Is the house or senate stronger in Foreign Policy?
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Which house emphasizes tax and revenue policy The senate or the house of representatives?

the house emphasizes tax and revenue policy.Senate emphasizes foreign policy

Who has more influence over foreign affairs senate or house?

The Senate has to approve all treaties and all nominations to key foreign policy postings.

What power does the House of Representataives have with foreign treaties?

The House of Representatives has no power with regard to foreign treaties. Treaties with foreign government are negotiated by the President subject to the advice and consent of the Senate only.

The house appropriations committee oversees foreign policy?


How does CONGRESS effect us in the world today?

Interestingly enough, the House has little impact on Foreign Policy, except through "sense of the house" resolutions, Budget hearings and resolutions affecting State Department and Military,and House financial operations overall, (House proposes, Senate Disposes). The Senate's position of "Advise and Consent" is where some believe real power in Foreign Policy resides, since the Senate must approve Treaties proposed by the President and State Department. It wasn't always that way either, since the Senate prerogative to propose Amendments or changes to Treaties, and even language additions to treaty Preambles to satisfy certain Senate critics-at times Republican, at times Democrat-regarding the intent and actual purpose of a specific treaty, have mostly arisen during the twentieth century. In other ways the U.S. representative bodies-House and Senate, have varying degrees of impact depending on the Chairmanship and Membership of the various standing committees-Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Appropriations, and many more. Even subcommittees of the House and Senate standing committees get in the act with hearings and investigations. SO, overall I would suggest that although Foreign Policy is the purview of the President and State Department, Congress has much more of an impact today than even a generation ago.

Can the house of representatives make a treaty with a foreign country?

No, since this is a power enumerated to the Senate.

Compare the leadership organization in the House of Representatives with that of the Senate?

In the American "republican" form of government, the House and the Senate are intentionally devised to work and to lead differently. Several basic differences of importance are the following: Representatives (in the House) are elected for only two-year terms at a time and, as a group, are especially focused on domestic affairs. Senators (in the Senate) are elected for six-year terms at a time and, as a group, generally focus on foreign policy.

What are the responsibilities of the Secretary of the State?

The secretary of state is the administrator of the Department of State and the principal spokesperson for the President on U.S. foreign policy. The secretary serves as a member of the President's "inner cabinet" of advisers and, by law, as a member of the National Security Council. The secretary has the primary responsibility for preparing the budget for foreign affairs programs, including diplomatic missions, foreign aid to developing nations, and contributions to multinational organizations such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. The secretary defends foreign affairs programs before subcommittees of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees and is the principal spokesperson for the administration before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The President may also assign the secretary to communicate foreign policy to foreign heads of state or to serve as the principal U.S. diplomat at international conferences. Source:

What is upper congress known as?

The senate is also called the upper house.

Is the house or senate the upper house?

The senate is the upper house.

What are two parts of the U.S. Congress?

The Senate and the House of Representatives

Who are the Senate house of the Philippines?

Who are the Senate house of the Philippines?