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According to Clint Eastwood it still is in existence... From an October 18, 2008 L.A. Times article entitled "'Changeling' revisits a crime that riveted L.A."..... CLINT EASTWOOD found the real Northcott ranch still in existence in Mira Loma in Riverside County. In 1930, the citizens of Wineville changed the name of their farming community to Mira Loma, to get rid of the notoriety caused by the Northcott murders.

"It was creepy," says the veteran director-actor, who'd been taken there by a historian from the Riverside Historical Society. "It looks exactly the same, though the house has been slightly modified. We went around back and there were these chicken coops."

The coops are where Northcott kept and murdered his victims. "I don't know if they were the same ones, but they were old, very rustic chicken coops," Eastwood says. No one appeared to be home, but Eastwood decided not to knock on the door. He didn't know how the occupants would feel about having Clint Eastwood show up on their doorstep and announce they lived in the former home of a notorious child killer. "I didn't want to intrude on these people's life," he says.

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Q: Is the northcott ranch still in Mira Loma CA?
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the address is 6330 wineville ave mira loma, ca 91752. i live 10 minutes away from there, the house looks the same as it did in 1928, it has some changes but when i went to look for it, i knew it was that one as soon as i saw it.

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