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no that's a state in USA

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Q: Is there a city named Mississippi?
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What state has a city named terry?


Which states have a city named Gulfport?

Mississippi and Florida

What state contains the cities named Tupleo and Biloxi?

The city of Biloxi in southeastern Mississippi is in Harrison County on a peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico.Biloxi is in the state of Mississippi.

The city named after Andrew Jackson?

Jackson, Mississippi was named for Andrew Jacskon.

What states have a town or city named kokomo?

indiana hawaii mississippi

What city in Mississippi is named after a human body part?

Type your answer here... i don't know which city

How do you spell Nempthis?

The spelling of the city on the Mississippi River in Tennessee is Memphis, named for an ancient city in Egypt.

Who named the state Mississippi?

who named the state mississippi

Why is Meridian Mississippi called the Queen City?

There are two theories as to why Meridian, Mississippi is called the Queen City. One is that it was the second largest city in Mississippi, next Jackson, which is the capital (King) and so Meridian was named the Queen. The other theory is that it is named after the Gypsy Queen, who is buried in Rose Hill Cemetary. She died in 1915 and it is rumored that the city garnered the nickname to honor her memory.

What southern state has a capital named for the seventh president Old Hickory?

Mississippi Jackson is the capital and the most populous city of the US state of Mississippi. The city is named after Andrew Jackson, who was still a general at the time of the naming but later became president.

The capital Jackson in Mississippi was named after what president?

The city of Jackson, Mississippi, is named after the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, who served between March 4, 1829 and March 4, 1837.

How Mississippi Jackson get its name?

The city is named after Andrew Jackson, a general at the time of naming, later President