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Q: Is this sentence correct neither the president nor the members of the cabinet wish to comment on the matter at this moment?
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What is the correct preposition in the sentence Griffin swore up and down that his comment had been meant a compliment?

The correct preposition in the sentence is "as." Griffin swore up and down that his comment had been meant as a compliment.

Is this sentence correct-he is an advisor for the president of India?

He is an advisor to the President of India.

How do you spell cabnet?

The correct spelling is cabinet (storage closet or cupboard).The capitalized form Cabinet refers to the heads of the US executive branches, who report to the President.

How do you spell cabinet?

Yes, that is the correct spelling of cupboard.Some example sentences are:The cupboard door fell off again.The Nutella is in the cupboard.She wants a new cupboard in her workshop.

You were a twit is a correct sentence or not?

It is grammatically correct. It would be acceptable as a teasing comment in an informal conversation between friends, but not in any sort of formal context.

The president may decide to resume duties after an illness by informing congress that no inability exists but that decision can be changed by whom?

the vice president and a majority of the cabinet. Whoever posted the last answer, made me get it wrong!

Is this sentence correct The President who is feeling better is on TV tonight?

The President who is on TV tonight is feeling better.

What is the correct complete diagram for the sentence The board appointed Mike President-elect?

Answer C: board|appointed|Mike\President-elect \the

Is the usage presided over by correct?

Yes. Example sentence: The president presided over the meeting.

How Do You Spell Sectary?

The likely word here is correctly spelled "secretary" (assistant). When used for a member of the President's Cabinet, it is capitalized Secretary.

What words are spelled correctly cabinet construct customer counsoul?

Cabinet, construct and customer are correct. "Counsoul" is incorrect. The correct spelling is "council".

Who do members of Congress serve in the cabinet?

United States Cabinet nominees are chosen from a large pool of potential candidates. One of the few qualification restrictions is set out in Article one in the Constitution : "no person holding any office under the United States, shall be a member of either house during his continuance in office." Accordingly, a sitting member of the United States Congress must resign his or her seat before accepting a Cabinet appointment. Likewise, a governor appointed to a cabinet post must resign as governor.