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They are called lobbyists.

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Q: Is this true or false floor leaders are people who represent interest groups?
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Who are people who are paid to represent interest groups are called?


Interest groups try to persuade people to do what?

They try to persuade people to vote for the candidate that best represent their interests.

What interest group represents people before what type of entity or organization?

There are many interest groups that represent people in certain organizations. These are unions and guilds that people belong to for a common cause. For instance, the Teamsters represent the trucking industry.

People who represent interest groups and work with legislature are called?

Lobbyists. They advocate on behalf of interest groups to influence government decisions and policies through direct interaction with legislators and officials. Lobbyists can be employed by corporations, advocacy organizations, or other special interest groups.

What are the targets of interest groups?

The targets of interest groups are the groups of people that can most support the cause. Wealthy people are the targets of medical interest groups for example.

Why do interest groups try to influence political party?

Interest group try to influence political parties because leaders of interest groups know that political parties play a central role in selecting those people who make public policy decisions.

What groups of people do the chess pieces represent in the middle age society?

The kings and queens represent royalty, as the names of the pieces suggests. The bishops represent the Church and its leaders. Knights represent knights or warriors, and rooks represent castles or other strongholds. Lastly, the pawns represent the serfs or the collective poor.

How are political groups and interest groups similar?

They each have different opinions on how things should be run and what they think the top priority should be.Both represent people who join together for a political purpose.

What is the term for a political system where elected leaders represent the interest of the voters?

The term for a political system where elected leaders represent the interest of the voters is representative democracy. In this system, citizens vote for representatives who make decisions on their behalf.

Which groups work for the good of all people?

Public interest groups

What should memorials represent?

Memorials should represent leaders, people, events, and cultural history.

Is it possible for a US citizen to be represented by a leader of a different gender or race?

Yes, it is very possible. There are many male leaders in government who represent women. There are quite a few female leaders in government who represent men. Also, minority groups are often represented by white leaders, and when there is a leader in a racial minority, it is almost certain that there will be a couple of white people being represented by him.