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It's not unnormal if you don't but it is more common since if you're left handed, when you write, the watch kind of gets in the way.

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Q: Is wearing your watch on your right hand if you're left handed normal?
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Why boys wearing watch on left hand?

Which ever one they want to. But left handed people usually put it on their right, because it gets in the way when writing. and vice versa with right handed people.

Why is the left wrist used to wear a watch?

The left wrist is often used to wear a watch because most people are right-handed. Wearing the watch on the non-dominant hand allows for easier movement and manipulation of the watch. Additionally, wearing the watch on the left wrist reduces wear and tear on the watch for right-handed individuals who use their dominant hand more frequently.

Should a watch go on a right hand?

A watch should go on your right hand if you are left handed, and a watch should go on your left hand if you are right handed.

Is Ian Somerhalder left handed or right handed?

he is right handed if u watch avid of him signing autographs you will see!

Why do people wear watch in the right hand?

Because they are right handed - left handed people generally wear their watch on their left wrist

What wrist does a woman wear a watch?

most women wear a watch on the right side if they are LEFT HANDED a woman wears a watch on the left SIDE IF SHE IS RIGHT HANDED

Is Logan Henderson left handed?

No he is right handed. When I went to an autograph signing he used his right hand. He also uses the watch in the left arm, if he was left-handed he would use it in the right arm.

Is C Thomas Howell a Left handed person?

no, he is not. he is right handed. watch the outsiders.

Why do people wear their watch on the left wrist?

Most people wear their watch on their left wrist because it is more convenient for right-handed individuals to check the time. Additionally, wearing the watch on the non-dominant hand reduces wear and tear on the watch and offers better protection.

What hand should a women where their watch?

If they are left handed they should put their watch on the right hand. If they are right handed they should wear their watch on their ledt hand. (so it doesnt get in the way with their dominant hand)

Is Danny Jones from McFly left or right handed?

he's left handed but plays guitar right handed Yeah ^^ his a lefty =D but it is easier to play guitar right handed which is why he does play right handed he does everything left handed, except play guitar, he does that right handed

Is Elijah wood left handed?

He wears a watch on his right hand, which left handed and ambidextrous people do.