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Issuing of executive orders is an implied power of the President. The purpose of an executive order is to help governmental offices in performance of their duties.

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Q: Issuing executive orders is generally considered to fall under what constitutional duty?
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What does the president exercises limited legislative powers when issuing?

executive powers, orders

What are the presidents legislative powers?

AnswerThe President's powers include vetoing, approving legislation, issuing proclamations, and executive orders.

What is a general obligation bond?

These are backed by the full faith and credit of the issuing agency. Interest payments on GO bonds are supported by the taxing authority of the state or city government and are generally considered the safest form of municipal bond.

When a transaction is disputed?

The Card-Issuing Bank will resolve the dispute generally within 30 - 180 days.

4) When a transaction is disputed?

The Card-Issuing Bank will resolve the dispute generally within 30 - 180 days.

Which executive department is responsible for establishing foreign policy setting up embassies and issuing passports?

The Department of State, whose head is the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Whats is the Journal entery for costs of issuing stock?

Debit Capital stock xx Credit Cash xx Generally you would offset costs of issuing common or preferred stock against the similar equity account.

Guaranteed independence of western hemisphere from European interference?

President Monroe set out to stop European interferences in the Western Hemisphere by issuing an Executive order. The Executive order was called the Monroe Doctrine, which stopped Europe from colonizing or interfering with any country in the Americas.

What is the job of the executive branch in relation to the nations law?

The executive branch's role in relation to the nation's laws is to enforce and implement them. This includes overseeing government agencies responsible for carrying out laws, issuing executive orders, and making sure that laws are faithfully executed. Additionally, the executive branch is responsible for proposing new legislation to address emerging issues or priorities.

Who pressured Franklin Delano Roosevelt in issuing Executive Order 8802?

Phillip Randolph, he was disproving the four freedom FDR had created. He felt other races were not protected by the four freedoms

Who pardons criminals?

In the United States, it is the executive branch of government that can pardon a convicted criminal. By issuing a pardon, the executive is overruling the decision of the judicial branch (the court system). Federal crimes can be pardoned by the President. Crimes tried and sentenced in state courts can be pardoned by the governor of that state. The only time a federal or state executive cannot grant a pardon is in cases of impeachment.

Can Barack Obama legally do an end run around congress and the house?

I assume the "end run" you are concerned about is gun control legislation. Actually, throughout history, presidents have found ways to get around congress by using executive orders. While it is generally not something presidents claim they want to do (it can stir up resentment from congress and anger from the voters), there are times when they feel they have to do it, in order to move a policy initiative forward. Other presidents have done it, and while I cannot predict what President Obama will do, issuing executive orders is not uncommon and such orders are generally legal, even if they may be very unpopular.