Italian last names

Updated: 8/19/2023
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italian last names like fugno castano valastro

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Bella is one Italian surname.

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Q: Italian last names
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Does an Italian last name end in a vowel?

Not necessarily, Italian last names can be spelled with a vowel at the end, but not all Italian last names are spelt with a vowel(s).

What are examples of Italian last names?

names that end in i or lli or have cc in them are usually Italian

Where is a list of Italian last names?

In the Italian White pages - see the related link.

What are some Italian last names starting with d?


Is 'Costy' an Italian last name?

No it is not Italian names usually end with a vowel usually a i and o

What does the last name fortanelli came from?

I was unable to locate the name on a web search, but it most likely is an Italian name. Many last names that end with "elli" are Italian.

What are some last names meaning light?

A few last names meaning "light" include Dalca (Romanian), Leggièri (Italian), Lichtenberg (German) and Tinker (English).

What are the most common Italian last names?

Some of the most common Italian surnames are Rossi, Russo, Ferrari, Esposito and Bianchi. Other popular names are Romano, Colombo, Ricci, Greco and Marino.

What was Pope Benedict II's real name?

Benedetto = Benedict in Italian. There were no last names used at the time.

Where is a list of Ita?

Italian last names; Searching... Searching... Searching... 1 Result found. Aquino

List of 14th century Italian last names?

I think you should be less lazy and look it up on your own

What are Italian first and last names for boys?

Masculine first names that are often attributed to the Italian language and culture include, but are not limited to: Luigi, Leonardo, Guido, Mario, Michelangelo, Angelo, Napoleon, Raphael, Rodolfo, Giuliano, and Donatello.