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The House of Representatives favors bigger states because they have more districts and therefore more representatives. The Senate only has two Senators from each state no matter what size they are.

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The New Jersey plan

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Q: Its congress favored the small states?
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What group of states favored a Congress based on equal representation?


Which house of Congress would have been favored by the smaller states?


Which house of congress would have been favored by smaller states?

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Who favored the federal government to assume and pay for the war debts owed by the Congress and states?

Thomas Jefferson

How does the allocation of representatives differ between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan?

The New Jersey Plan was much like the old Confederation Congress. Each state had one representative. This favored the small states. In the Virginia Plan, representatives were distributed based on population which favored the big states. The Connecticut Compromise was... a compromise. Each state had 2 in the Senate, and representation in the House is based on population. It helped both the large and small states.

What states favored the New Jersey plan?

Smaller States favored the New Jersy Plan. Mostly the northen, small population states such as New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island favored it because it gave them a fair vote.

Why did the issue of representation in Congress divide the large states and small states?


Why was the The New Jersey plan important?

The New Jersey Plan favored small states and gave them the same rights as the bigger states.


The New Jersey Plan favored small states and gave them the same rights as the bigger states.

Which house of congress was established to protect small states?

The Senate

The plan of government that favored the small states was called?

the new jersey plan was an idea for equal representation with all states .it was rejected. because states have representation based on population tis novel idea was probally favored by the smaller, less populated states.....<3...rock on! sewnheartX

Progressives in Congress unlike Taft favored what?

low tariffs