James Bowie and the Alamo

Updated: 4/28/2022
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James Bowie was one of the defenders of the Alamo Mission while it was attacked by a large Mexican force. He was killed there along with all the Texas patriots that were there.

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Q: James Bowie and the Alamo
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What is James bowie nickname?

James Bowie was a rebelious and adventerous fighter at the Alamo. But, a few days into the seige, he became fataly ill and had to pass command over to William B. Travis. more: He was from Kentucky, and although he was famous for, and made famous the Bowie knife, his brother was the one who actually invented it.

Why did James Bowie come to Texas?

James Bowie went to Texas because he wanted to smuggle slaves!

Where did Jim bowie die?

Jim Bowie was a Texas land developer. He also designed an extremely useful large multipurpose knife. The tip could serve for close work while the rear part performed heavy duty tasks. He was one of 80 Texans at the Alamo fortress in San Antonio, Texas. General Santa Anna, invaded Texas with 10,000 men and set up a siege of the Alamo. The men in the Alamo used the Mexicans for target practice. Finally the siege won and Santa Anna conquered the Alamo. (When Sam Houston attacked Santa Anna's army of 3,000 men and conquered it, the battle cry was, "Remember the Alamo." They remembered their brave heroes who died there including Jim Bowie)

Who was William B Travis?

William B. Travis was among the defenders of the Alamo in the 1836. At first he shared comand with Jim Bowie, but Bowie became ill and Travis took command of the troops. Before his honorable death at the Alamo, he was quite a bad-seeming person. He divorced his wife, gained custody of his child, then sent his kid to board with friends while he fought in the Alamo. However, during the fight at the Alamo, he definitely proved himself as a great man. He wrote one of the most inspiring letters in history when asking for help from Col.Fanin and Sam Houston.

Where did Jim Bowie attend college?

He didn't attend college. Most people in his time didn't. He was a frontier man, an army officer, and leader. He died at the Alamo

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When did Jim Bowie get to the Alamo?

James bowie arrived at the Alamo in January of 1836

Who was James bowie during the Alamo?

James Bowie went to Texas because he wanted to smuggle slaves!

What did James bowie?

He represented Alamo

What was James bowie's career?

he fought in the Alamo

Who was the defender of the Alamo?

William Travis and James Bowie shared the command.

Did James bowie take the bowie knife to the Battle of the Alamo?


Where did James bowie die in the Alamo?

in his cot

Who fought from his sickbed in the battle of Alamo?

James Bowie.

Who died in his bed at the Battle of the Alamo?

James Bowie.

How did James bowie die?

he was shot when bedridden at the Alamo

Why is James Bowie important to Texas historywhat did James bowie do?

He played a role in the Texas revolution and he died at the Alamo.

What did James bowie get sick of?

James Bowie died of typhoid pneumonia and was sick in bed during the battle of the Alamo.