John Kerry's running mate

Updated: 8/19/2023
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John Kerrys running mate was John Edwards.

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Senator Lieberman was his running mate.

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Q: John Kerry's running mate
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Who was his running mate?

In 2008, Barack Obama's running mate was Joe Biden. John McCain's running mate was Sarah Palin.

Who was john Adams running mate?

John Calhoun

Who ran in the November 2 2004 election?

George W. Bush with running mate Dick Cheney and John Kerry with running mate John Edwards.

Did Andrew Jackson have a running mate?

John Quincy Adams

Who was John Anderson's running mate in 1980?

Patrick Lucey

Who is presidential candidate John McCain running mate where is he she from?


Who was JFK running mate for president?

John F Kennedy's vice presidential running mate was none other than Lyndon Baines Johnson, from the state of Texas.

Who are Obama and McCain's running mates?

John McCain's running mate is Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska. Barack Obama's running mate is Joe Biden, a US Senator.

Who was John F. Kennedy runnning mate in the presidential election of 1960?

His running mate was Lyndon B. Johnson. Richard M. Nixon was not his 'running mate'! Richard Nixon was his opponent!

President running mate of W H Harrison?

John Tyler

Who was former president george Washington's running mate?

John Adams

Did George Washington having a running mate?

John Adams (both terms)