Last 5 presidents birthdays

Updated: 4/28/2022
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George W. Bush: July 6, 1946 William J. (Bill) Clinton: August 19, 1946 George H.W. Bush: June 12, 1924 Ronald W. Reagan: February 6, 1911 James E. (Jimmy) Carter: October 1, 1924

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Q: Last 5 presidents birthdays
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What are the name for the 5 last presidents from Norway?

They don't have presidents, they have kings.

How many executive orders were signed by the last 5 presidents?

The last five presidents have signed more than 100 executive orders.

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What party did the last 5 presidents belong to?

As of this writing, the last 5 presidents have been: Barack Obama - Democrat George W. Bush - Republican Bill Clinton - Democrat George H.W. Bush - Republican Ronald Reagan - Republican

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Who were the last 5 presidents in order of service?

Obama, bush, Clinton, bush, Reagan

How many presidents has France had?

In terms of fundamental state laws, the French Republic is the fifth Republic.

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Who were the last 5 presidents in order of when they served?

Gerald Ford · Jimmy Carter · Ronald Reagan · George H. W. Bush · Bill Clinton ·

Who are the us presidents that had beards?

name the 5 us presidents who had beardsLincolnGrantHayesGarfieldBenjamin Harrison