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statutory law

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Q: Laws created by legislative action are called?
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What powers does the legislative and judicial branch share?

They do no share powers. The legislative branch creates laws. The judicial branch decides the constitutionality of the laws created by the legislative branch.

The Legislative Branch was created to carry out laws?

The Executive Branch, headed up by the President.

What is called when you have the power make and enforce laws?

The power of making laws and then enforcing them is called jurisdiction.

Could you name the people that makes the laws for each state?

Laws in the states are created by the legislative bodies created byeach state's constitution.

What branch votes to pass laws?

The Legislative Branch

Which branch makes your nations laws?

the legislative branch makes all the national laws

Why were the three branches of government created legislative executive and judicial?

They were created to enforce laws unpon the antifederlists and the federalists.

What does the word legislative describe?

Do you mean legislative? if so, this is the meaning; legislative is the power to create and pass laws In more of a formal way of saying it 1 : having the power or authority to make laws the legislative branch of government. 2 : of or relating to the action or process by which laws are made legislative history. legislative.

Does the Supreme Court implement legislation?

No, the Supreme Court interprets the laws. The Congress implements the laws. That is why they are called the legislative branch.

What does the legislative do (with laws)?

it makes laws

What are laws created by the government called?


What branches of government makes the laws?

The Legislative Branch.the legislative branch makes the laws