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NOVANET: trade barriers

i used the previous answer (import/export blockades) and it was wrong

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Q: Laws that limit the amount of trading carried on among nations are called what?
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Laws that limit the amount of trading carried on among nations is called?

A trade barrier is a law that limits the amount of trading conducted among countries. A tariff would be a well-known example of a trade barrier.

What is illegal trading called from other nations?


Policy of trading with other countries is called?

The policy used in trading with other countries is called the commercial policy. It is a set of rules and regulations used in trade between nations.

Why is Canada called a trading nation?

Canada is called a trading nation because of it's large economy. It has one of the largest trade base between a HUGE amount of country'. It is also called a trading nation because most of it's income is relied on trade. Trade is very important in Canada because the amount of jobs it creates and the money it brings in.

How did America get involved with china?

It is called the Open-Door Policy. America has used this policy since trading with China and other nations.

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