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garibaldi is his name

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Giuseppi Geribaldi

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Q: Led an army called the Red Shirts?
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Who were the red shirts?

the red shirts were an army of Italian patriots led by Giuseppe Garibaldi

What was the name of Garibaldi's army?

the Red Shirts

What Italian nationalist led red shirts?


Who led the red shirts to victory over Italy?

Gieuseppi Garibaldi

What was the group known as Red Shirts?

a volunteer army

What countyr led the red army during World War 2?

The army of Russia was called the red army during world war two. and the leader of Russia at the time was their dictator Joseph Stalin

What were garibaldi follower's called?

red shirts

Who led the Red Army to victory over the White Army in the Russian Civil War?

Leon Trotsky commanded the Red Army.

Russian revolutionist who orginized and led the red army?


What was China army called?

"The Red Army"

Who were the red shirts in the civil war?

they're called the red coats and they were the British. i think.

What was the group that the continental army called?

the red army