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The group that fixes rates and regulates the railroads is called the ICC.

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ICC - Interstate Commerce Commission

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Q: Licenses fixes rates and regulates all railroads.?
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Licenses fixes rates and regulates other aspects of commercial transportation?

The group that controls these things is known as the ICC.

Which of these regulated the freight rates of railroads?

The Interstate Commerce Commission regulated the freight rates of railroads.

What has the author H T Newcomb written?

H. T. Newcomb has written: 'Proposed solution of the railway rate problem' -- subject(s): Railroads, Rates, Freight 'Railway economics' -- subject(s): Railroads 'The work of the Interstate Commerce Commission' -- subject(s): Railroads and state, United States. Interstate Commerce Commission, Railroads, United States, Rates, Freight 'Changes in the rates of charge for railway and other transportation services ..' 'Reasonable railway rates' -- subject(s): Railroads, Rates 'For the railroads' -- subject(s): Railroads, Rates, Freight 'The concentration of railway control' -- subject(s): Railroads

What has the author Mark Wymond written?

Mark Wymond has written: 'Government partnership in railroads' -- subject(s): Railroads and state 'Railroad valuation and rates' -- subject(s): Railroads, Rates, Freight, Valuation

Who regulates interest rates on all types of credit?

the fed

What did the Interstate Commerce Act required of the railroads?

to charge the same taxes

How have graduated licenses reduced DUI driving rates?

Graduated licenses have reduced DUI driving rates because this license allows for new drivers to receive a gradual amount of driving experience over time.

What has the author Joseph Horrocks written?

Joseph Horrocks has written: 'Railway rates' -- subject(s): Railroads, Rates, Freight

How did the grange movement improve the plight of farmers?

forcing railroads to lower their rates

What has the author Norris L Gage written?

Norris L. Gage has written: 'The relations of Kansas railroads to the state of Kansas' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Railroads, Rates, Railroads and state

What anomaly involving railroads necessitated regulation?

For major trunk lines, where there was competition, the railroads charged lower rates and even gave rebates. For spur lines, where there was a monopoly, the railroad charged higher rates for the same type

The interstate commerce act of 1887 required what?

equality in shipping rates charged by railroads