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The term "limited government" may not be found in the Constitution, but the concept of limited government is established in the Constitution by means of the definitions of the powers of the branches of the Government. Each branch has specified responsibilities and powers, and may not exceed those responsibilities and powers under the terms of the Constitution. In other words, the Constitution says what the Government should do, and that's all it can do. That's limited government.

The Preamble of the Constitution explicitly gives the power of our government to "We the People". The fifth article gives "We the People" the right to amend the Constitution,ergo the government is not limited except by the will of the majority governed.The term "limited government"is illogical and not implied.

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Q: Limited government be found in the constitution?
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What does the constitution state about limited government?

The term "limited government" is not found in the U.S. Constitution, but the concept is.

Is constitution monarchy a limited government or a unlimited government?

it is limited

How does the constitution reflect principle of limited government?

The government only has the powers given to it by the Constitution.

What is an examples of limited government?

The government can only do what the Constitution says it can.

The constitution as ratified in 1788 most clearly reflects the framers commitments?

limited government

The constitution as ratified in 1788 most clearly reflects the framer's commitment to?

limited government

How did the Constitution limited government?

It specifically states what powers the government has. (NovaNet)

What two English principles of government influenced the development of the US?

Representative democracy and constitution.

What enlightenment idea is used in the constitution?

limited government

How is responsibilities distributed shared and limited by the Constitution?

The powers and responsibilities that are distributed, shared and limited in the government are established by the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution was ratified in 1788.

What government may only pass laws in situations authorized by the constitution?

A limited government can only pass laws that are specifically permitted by the constitution. This ensures that the government does not overstep its boundaries and remains accountable to the constitution and the citizens.

The constitution protects your civil rights by controlling the power of government?

limited government