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You can find the list of all 774 LGAs here

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List of local govt in oyo state

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Names of local government in ekiti

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Q: List of local governments in oyo state?
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History of egbeda local government oyo state?

piece of junk

What is Oyo State's population?

The population of Oyo State is 5,591,589.

What is the area of Oyo State?

The area of Oyo State is 28,454 square kilometers.

When was Oyo State created?

Oyo State was created on 1976-02-03.

What is the biggest state of nigeria?

oyo state

In Africa what starts with i?

Ibadan is the state capital of Oyo State, Nigeria.

How many senatorial district do you have in Oyo State?


Oyo state civil service commission historical bacckground?


Who was man o war commader in oyo state?

Comrade Ayoade

What is the slogan of oyo state in nigeria?

Eko o ni baje

Who is director of oyo state civil services commission?

Dr Titi Ipadeola

What is the postal code for Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria?

The postal code is 23402.