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1. Created a revolution. 2. The leadership formed with Lenin leading the group. 3. The Bolsheviks kicked out the Mensheviks and disallowed them part in the party. The Mensheviks were the more moderate of the two groups in the COmmunist party. 4. Lenin had a cult-like following. Some scholars feel that this allowed him more power. 5. At the death of Lenin, Stalin started purges that brought the Communist party in fear of him and brought more unity because of the fear of the party and Stalin's purges.

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There were several steps the Communists took to turn Russia into a centralized state dominated by a single party. For one, the Communists rallied the masses via public demonstrations against the Czar and the ruling leaders. The Communists stood on a platform that ensured equality for all Russians across the country. They persuaded the people to oppose the royals who simply benefited from keeping the working class down. This ultimately led to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1919, which saw the royals ousted in favor of a communist regime.

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Q: List the steps that the communists took to turn Russia into a centralized state dominated by one party?
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By the end of the Civil war in 1921 Lenin and Bolsheviks had transformed Russia into a what?

Centralized state dominated by a single party.

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I think it was the communists

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The Bolshevik Party under Vladimir Lenin took over Russia in 1917. In March 1918, the Bolsheviks changed their name to the Communist Party.

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By WW2 Stalin was in power. He was a dictator who rose up to power during the rise of the Communists, 'the Bolsheviks', by destroying all political opposition within the party and out of the party, which means he practically destroyed all the aims of the communists, but he did it well =]

What were Vladimir Lenin's followers in Russia known as?

The Bolsheviks were also known as "Communists" but not until the Seventh Party Congress of the Bolshevik Party in March 1918, when the party officially changed its name from Bolshevik to Communist.

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