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The lower class were paupers who didn't have enough money to survive. they either worked in a workhouse or the males of their family would work in manufacturers or swept chimneys. they ate scraps of food, moldy food and many died very young or in the factories. it was not a nice life. they wore old rags and rarely bathed. they stunk to high heaven.

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Q: Lower class in the Victorian era?
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During the Progressive Era Reforms what did many reformers blame for the problems faced by the lower class?


What form of government during the Victorian period?

Monarchy, the Victorian period or era was named after the Queen of this period. The queen was Queen Victoria.

Class structure in the Victorian era?

Victorian society can be split up into three classes: upper, middle, and lower. The upper class consisted of the nobility, or the peerage, such as dukes, earls, and viscounts. They were often related to the royal families of Britain and Europe, and their society was distinct and separate to the other two classes - certain expectations had to be met by everybody. Most of these 'aristocrats' did not have a profession, as their families had sufficient funds to live in affluence. However, many were captains of industry, especially mining and ship building. The middle class consisted of rich families who were respectable, but lacked a "title", such as a dukedom, and often had skilled professions, such as a doctor, or a teacher. At the beginning of the Victorian times, they were a small proportion of the population. However, the effects of the Industrial Revolution meant that more people could be defined as 'middle class', because of improvements in education and more opportunities to pull yourself out of the slums, and make a lot of money, of course. The lower class (working class) were made up of the rural and urban poor, who had often low skilled, dangerous, dirty and boring jobs (often all four) that they had to take because of the lack of education. A handful could actually be defined as 'lower middle class', but because they often lived in terraced housing areas, they were defined as working class. There was also a class below the working class - paupers. They lived in extreme poverty, often because of old age, unemployment, illness or strained resources. This class of people were the targets of Philanthropists in the 1890s, who wished to reduce the alarming rates of poverty in Britain.

What health care was provided for children in the Victorian era?

No theat was their ' job'

What was the role of women in the Reform Era?


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What was class structures in Victorian era?

Three structures ie upper, middle & lower

What does 'apron' mean in cockney slang?

Flag. Apron is a lower class way to say flag. It is not necessarily cockney and definitely not rhyming slang. It originates in the Victorian era and used predominately by the lower class.

What did middle class men talk about in the Victorian era?


How did people act in the Victorian era?

Overall in the Victorian Era many people had high morals. Attitude and the way people acted was usually different for each social class. For example, the upper class probably rarely talked or even looked at one of a lower class, only if they absolutely had to. Wealth also had a high impact on how they socialized with each other. The upper class had a high etiquette, which is a code of do and don'ts.

Were horse drawn carriages popular in the Victorian times?

Yes, I belive they were quite popular, especially for the upperclass. The lower class probably traveled on a workhorse of a donkey. But remember, They didn't have cars in the victorian era, how else were they supposed to travel?

How did people in the Victorian era think about tanning?

Having a tan was associated with the lower class since you were outdoors working all day. So middle class people often went to great lengths to avoid tans

Why was the Victorian era so important?

many inventions were created and social class was respected

Was the lower class in Victorian Britain religious?

Yes. mostly. Not everyone. Methodists!

Did upper class Victorian children have better education than lower classes?

The upper class did get a better education

What was the clothing style of the lower class of Victorian England?

very ragged and scaby looking

What wrote about the living conditions of the lower class living on the farms and in the cities of England?


What was the era before the Victorian era?

There were a number of eras that were between the Tudor era and the Victorian era. The era were in the following order after the Tudor era came Stuart era and then the Georgian era which was followed by the Victorian era.