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Q: Loyalist and pratiots conversation
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Was Ethiopian Regiment a patriot loyalist or neutral?


Was lord Charles Cornwallis patriot or a loyalist?

No, General Cornwallis was a loyalist fought the patriots George Washington and then surrender

Was john Murray a patriot or a loyalist or a neutral?

He was a loyalist

What motives did the lords of trade and plantation have in attempting to annual the charter of Massachusetts Bay in 1670's?

that day since a little boy got shot the pratiots wanted war

Where most of the people in New York loyalist or patriot in the American Revolution?

loyalist loyalist

Who would have said the soldiers have a right to take what they need from rebels a loyalist or a patriot?


Is jonh adams a patriot or loyalist?


Was the ethiopian regiment a loyalist or patriot?


What is the sentence for loyalist?

That man at the bar is a loyalist.

What did Loyalist favor?

The loyalist were loyal to the King.

Was Lydia darragh a loyalist?

a loyalist to my beleive

Is john butler a patroit or a loyalist?

he is a loyalist