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Q: Loyalist and pratiots conversation
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Was Ethiopian Regiment a patriot loyalist or neutral?


Was lord Charles Cornwallis patriot or a loyalist?

No, General Cornwallis was a loyalist fought the patriots George Washington and then surrender

Was john Murray a patriot or a loyalist or a neutral?

He was a loyalist

What motives did the lords of trade and plantation have in attempting to annual the charter of Massachusetts Bay in 1670's?

that day since a little boy got shot the pratiots wanted war

Where most of the people in New York loyalist or patriot in the American Revolution?

loyalist loyalist

Is jonh adams a patriot or loyalist?


Was the ethiopian regiment a loyalist or patriot?


What is the sentence for loyalist?

That man at the bar is a loyalist.

What did Loyalist favor?

The loyalist were loyal to the King.

Was Lydia darragh a loyalist?

a loyalist to my beleive

Is john butler a patroit or a loyalist?

he is a loyalist

Was lord Charles a patriot or loyalist?

He was a Loyalist