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people that were crazy and they often ate people that didnt worship the same puritan god...also known as pilgrims

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Q: Loyalist tories revolution simcoe
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What was the colonist called that favored Britain during the revolution?

tories, or loyalists. whichever you prefer really

Who were the Patriots Loyalist Tories and Neutral?

The Tories were - Loyalists The Patriots were - Rebels No Neutral team

Americans who remained loyal to Great Britain were called loyalist or?

yes it loyalist

Who was loyal to the british empire?

Loyalist.... or as they called them 'Tories'

What is another name for a british loyalist?

Another name for an American Loyalist was: "Tory".The term "Red Coats" refers to troops of the British Army and the colour of the standard uniform they wore. Though many Loyalists fought for the British side during the American Revolution, they did so as volunteers to Loyalist militias. As battle-dress for Loyalist militias was inconsistent, just as it was for Patriot militias, a Loyalist militiaman could look like a Patriot militiaman, and either might have the appearance of any other colonist of the day.Moreover, Loyalist militias used the same kinds of guerrilla tactics as the Patriots, but against the Patriots. Thus, in Canadian historical accounts the American Revolution tends to be regarded as a civil war.In America, the term "Tory" came to be derogatory. In Canada, however, where most Loyalists sought refuge from Patriot reprisals after the Revolution was lost, the major conservative political party (The Conservative Party of Canada) is still also called: "The Tory Party", and its members: "Tories". Moreover, to claim descent from a Loyalist is something as esteemed in Canada as descent from the original Pilgrim fathers is esteemed in America.

Whose side were the loyalist in the American revolution?

The Loyalists were loyal to the Kingdom of Great Britain in the Revolutionary war. They did not support the revolution as the Patriots did, but they were loyal to the Kingdom of Britain. They were often referred to as Tories, Royalists, or King's Men by the Patriots.

Another name for Loyalists was .?

A+ answer: Tories

Who was the man that stayed loyal to the king during the revolutionary war a Tory?

A colonist who remained loyal to the king of England during the American Revolution was sometimes known as a Loyalist. These colonists were also called Tories.

Who were the Loyalists and Tories?

The Loyalists, And Redcoats were the British.Redcoats were the British soldiers.

Who were the Americans who remained loyal to Britain?

During the American Revolution they were called loyalists, also Tories. During the American Revolution they were called loyalists, also Tories. vbvbvbvbv

What was a person loyal to the British King during the Revolution called?

Men and women faithful to King George III and Parliament were known as "Loyalists" or "Tories". They were called "loyalists" by people who also remained faithful, while the term "Tories" was used by colonial rebels as an insult almost.

What percentage of Americans where Tories?

Not many, it's a British political party. However, some loyalists during the Revolution were known as Tories.