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Indians were controlled by the British Government during their industrialization, in fact, Queen Victoria was conciddered the Empress of India...

India has vast amounts of resources, and lots of people to both buy and make them. Some include salt, cotton, wood products (usually refined lumber), oils for bathing, perfumes, soams, ivory, furs, dyes, silks, and other products. It used to be tha Indians would sell their useless raw goods (wood, silk, dyes) to England, and England would create from the raw goods refined products (Tables, Cloths, Rugs tapestries) and sell them back to the Indians for high prices

Ever since India gained independence, India has become self sufficient in harvesting the raw materials and refining them. Today India is a center for Tehcnical products and support for most of the World including England, and US, it is also home to some of the world's largest industries now that they are free to exist in India, cars like Jaguar, Hummer and even Landrover are made primarily in Indain Factories.

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Q: Major Indian expots in the age of imperalism?
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